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As a Bedford owner and enthusiast supplying not just parts, but also helpful information, my stock probably contains the widest range of new & used spare parts for the CF Bedford anywhere in Europe.

Through our contacts in Australia and the Far East we can also supply Holden engine parts.

My aim is to provide top quality parts at reasonable prices and if any part is not available new, I should have it second hand

So please ring or email me; I may have the part you are looking for and when you ring to order it will be me you are talking to!

I also pack the orders taken and do my best to ensure it arrives quickly and correct by guaranteed next day post up to 2kg; or by carrier up to 30kg. Large items can be palletised, cost by swift quotation; or by arrangement collected.

Also remember all parts are fully guaranteed for your satisfaction. I try to provide the best service possible, quality before price. So don’t scrap a useful old friend for the want of a spare part.I welcome your custom and thoughts, are you short of an item? If so why not call me, I may well have it, or email me on

Good news! for the north of England I can deliver large items at a reduced cost by my own vehicle’s. Otherwise for further a field, a mail order service is available.For this I accept all major credit & debit cards, including Solo, Electron and Delta etc.

Over the period of 1969 to 1988 there were a very wide range of CF models produced, SWB, LWB, CF220, 230,250,280 and 350. If possible when ordering please quote type and chassis number. Even so your CF may have been modified over the years i.e. a diesel conversion carried out. Its advanced design and build quality has given it a very useful long life.

Thousands are still in daily use as campers, ice cream vans, ambulances and in commercial use as tippers, cherry pickers and bird scaring units for the M.o.D. etc.

My total commitment is to keep you going!

To that end I have invested in the future by having parts re-made over the last 4 years. Front doors, windscreen seals, suspension bushes, body repair panels, fuel tank straps and radiator hoses arc but to name a few. I aim to constantly improve matters and this year has seen an improved front door lower outer and inner skin repair kit

But none of this would have been possible without the continued support of the past customers to whom I say thank you.

Body Panels

New original Bedford panels are available from time to time, presently we have in stock:­CFI 1969 — 1980 Glass fibre ex-stockLower front valance

Upper front grille

NSF wing & OSF wing

NSF door OIS rocker

OSR door N/S rocker

Van rear valance

NS + OS SWB outer sill

CF1 bonnet

NS + OS inner front wing

Various odd pillar panels

Inner sill sections

Door posts

NSR ¼ panel

N/S floor pan

SLD door

Various door skins

As a cheaper alternative glass fibre panels all supplied direct from the factory.

CF1 bonnet, this has an inner metal frame, to re-use bolts from your hinges. An inner frame

then a bonded outer skin, quite a solid job, white finish.

CF1 NSF & OSF Wing

Lower front vallance

Rocker panel (only outer skin)

Face lift+CF2 1981-1988


Front Panel

NSF wing

OSF door (slam door)


Over the years we have been able to reclaim used doors both front and rear, headlamp surrounds, grilles, cut out front wings, rocker panels, wheel arches and even windscreen surrounds!

Rubber Seals & Gaiters

For both cab and panel van models

Front windscreen seal

Rear cab rubber (S/H) only

Reproduction OSF & NSF door surround sealExternal door to weather seal

Front door 3 part glaring rubber channel

Rear door seal S/H only

CF2 handbrake gaitors

Various gear lever boots

Pedal rubbers

Hub Caps

CF1 chrome

CFII Limited stock of black painted ones

CFI indicator stalk (single stalk) 1968— 1980CF1 face lift wiper stalk 1981 — 1984CF1 face lif indicator stalk

CFII indicator stalk (orange end button) 1984—1988CFII wash/wipe stalk

Dash Switches

CF1 pull on master light switch

CF1 wiper switch

CF1 h~rd light

CF1 lighter (optional extra)

CFII master light switch - rocker type

CPU rear fog light rocker switch

CFU hw,ard rocker switch

CFU cigar lighter (also accessory socket)

Ignitlon Switches

1969— 1970 (non lock type)1971—1980 CF1 anti-theft lock start/ignition— all supplied with 2 keys1981 — 1988 CPU anti-theft lock +2 keysBoth are interchangeable, but be prepared to change wiring plug


2.3 P points distributor

Lumenition conversion for the above

2.OP electronic distributor

2.OP electronic distributor module

Coil both types

CF1 distributor cap black Delco

CFII distributor cap brown

CF1 points, condenser, rotor arm condenser

CPU rotor arm, distributor cap stocked

1984— 1988 these are Bosch coloured brown.CF1 ignition lead set

CPU ignition lead set

2.3P short reach plugs, set of 4

2.OP plugs set of 4

2.3P starter solenoid


CFI round orange under bumper front flasher

CFII flasher lamp

CF1 rear stop tail (early white surround, later black)

CFII Rear stop tail (Vege and Lucas type)

Butler rear Dormobile lamps (stepped type)

TK CI rear lamps RH + LH (handed)

CF350 Rubberlite lamps and lenses, these are rubber mounted clip on lenses, non reverse light.

Halogen commercial H4 headlamp, Inc. pilot bulb wiring harness mounting ring set backing bowel fits both CFI and CFII, replaces Lucas and Ciebe pre-focus and H4 units (and the glass doesn’t fall out!)CFII side round repeaters

Van rear number plate lamps (grey & black)

Various original period foglamps, Lucas SQ 8. Most ambulance rear lamps, blue lamps etc. can be sourced.

Interior cab light and lens


CF1 rack outright sale

CFII  Steering column coupling shaft refurbished with new rubber

Rack gaiter pair

Track rod end

Steering column top bush

Steering column bottom bush

SQ 1/2 Inch thick rubber coupling

Round 1 cm thick rubber disc

Cotter pin


CF 11800 kit — cover, plate, release bearingCF1 2300 kit — cover, plate, release bearing1800cc cable

2300cc cable - fits all 2.3 models

Clevis + pin kit

2.3L 2F 4 speed G/Box kit

2.OL Philopeno 4 speed CF2

2.OL 2F 5 speed G/Box kit

CII clutch cable — fits all modelsExhaust Systems

2.3P reconditioned manifolds — crack tested, new studs & nuts fitted2.3P exhaust manifold gasket + 8 bolts

Stud + nut kit (also fits 1800cc)

S/H 2.OP exhaust manifold

2.OP Opel engine gasket set

Exhaust front pipe flange — early 2.3We stock all rubbers, hangers and brackets

Most systems ex-stock, because of the vast variation please ring with a full description of the system. We can post/fax illustrations of the system. Specials can be made in stainless steel to order, ring for a quote.


Early CF solid prop up to 1974

Early CF U/J

CF250 split prop centre bearing up to 1983

CF280/350 Centre prop bearing

CPU 250 centre prop bearing 1983-1988

Various U/I’s stockedIf broken yokes we can repair and modify your own propshaft, so don’t throw away.Bearing Sets

Front hub kit =2 bearings + seal All models

Rear hub kit CF 220/230

Rear hub kit CF 250/CF 280

Rear hub kit CF 350

1A Shaft oil seal CF350

Duff pinion seal CF 250/280

Duff pinion seal CF 350 (check type)

Duff pan cover gasket

1600 1969-1971 3 speed gearbox

1800/23004 speed gearbox. This has a push in propshaft, with the gearlever going into a turret on the n/s of the gearbox. 1971- 1983 with a screw top fixing holding the gearlever 1983-1984 this was replaced by a plastic clip in collar. Also fitted with reverse light switch.

Reverse light switch Rear main seal

1981-1983 gearlever retainer kit

1983-1984 Plastic collar (very rare)

LWB 280 4 speed 2F gearbox (bolt on prop)

CFII 5 speed 2f gearbox (bolt on top)

CFII 5 speed 2F Gearbox reverse light switch

Speedo drive early 4 speed gearbox 2F Speedo drive (S/H only)

Automatic gearbox

Sump pan gasket

Upper kick down cable

Inhibitor switch

reconditioning kits and re-build service available

Front input seal

We stock most gearbox mounting rubbers Speedo cable

Two types of speedo clock :-

1969-1981 screw on fixing

1981-1988 clip on type

There is an individual cable for each type of gearbox and the rare overdrive gearbox

Speedo drive sets



Rear main oil seal

We have locally a firm who can rebuild & repair overdrive gearboxes.

CFII Philippine gearbox 4 speed - push in prop, but centrally mounted gearlever, made in Philippines label on n/s lower side

Front seal

Rear main seal

Suspenslon Bushes

* Top wishbone bush original

* Lower wishbone bush original

* rear radius rod bush set CFI

* rear radius rod bush set CPU

* = Superfiex alternatives are available

Lower front spring isolator pad

Rear spring bush CF250/CF2SO CF1

Rear spring bush CF350 CFI

CFII rear spring bush CF350

Other CFII models on application

CF1 shackle bush

CFII shackle bush

Rear bump stop (all models)

1.8P & 2.3P Engine Major Items

New cylinder head

New unleaded valves

New camshaft

New camshaft buckets & tappet screws

New rocker covers

New STD pistons

New headgasket sets

New STD piston ring sets

New bottom end sets

Individual gaskets

Crankshaft bearings

Timing belts

Core plugs

Spiot bushes

Oil pumps

Braking Systems

This can be complex, as based on WT capacity not engine or model type. For the SWB models CF220, 230 & 250 two basic types, 9” and 10” internal drum diameter. To help you identify the one you have look at the rear brake, rear back plate. The 9” has a square headed bolt adjuster and the 10” has a slot hole in the plate at the bottom.Early CF1 non-servo brake master cylinder

Early CF1 servo type brake master cylinder

Mid-range CF I brake master cylinder

Mid-range CFI servo

Optional extra tandem brake master cylinder

1984-1988 CFJI brake master cylinder

1984-1988 CFII servo

Rear brake load sensing valve - Girling

Rear brake load sensing valve - Lockheed CFII

Front flexi hose

Rear flexi hose

CFII flexi hose

Wheel cylinders (front brake 2 per side)

Many types, we stock all, but need accurate information before supplying.

CFII 250/280 front disc

CFII front pad fitting kit

CFII reconditioned callipers RH + LH

We supply re-furbished brake drums, we select a drum, shot blast, machine to within tolerance, balance & re-paint, for both 9” & 10” outright saleBrake shoes front axle set

Brake shoes rear axle set

Handbrake Cables

Another difficult area. The supplier’s books arc not accurate! So please try and measure both the inner and outer cable length, we can match from this and have good stocksService Items

CF 2.3, 1.8 Petrol oil filter

2.3P Air filter

Engine 2.3P sump plug & washer

2.OP Oil filter

2.OP Air filter


CF1 l.8P fan belt

CF1 2.3P Radiator Cap

CFI 2.3P fan belt

CF1 2.3/I.8P water pump 1969-1984

CF1 viscous fan type water pump 1983/4

CFI viscous fan coupling 1983-1984

CF1 fan blades plastic type

CF1 2.3P thermostat and gasket

CFII 2.0P water pump 1984.1988

CFII 2.0P viscous coupling

CPU Opel 2.OL thermostat & gasket

CF1 Heater tap

2.112.3 D Opel diesel water pumps

Fixed fan twin pulley

Viscous fan twin pulley*  * Check gap between pulleys*

Adapter plate

Late large viscous fan

Single pulley water pump

Various CF1 heater matrix types, have your old one remade to pattern, single of double heater heavy duty type.

Radiator Hoses - Petrol Engines

CFI 1969-1971 bottom hose with heater T piece take off

CF1 1971-1980 (round front) bottom hose

CF1 top hose 1969-1980 (round front)

CF1 face lifttop hose 1981-1983

CFI face lift top hose 1983-1984 electronic distributor

CF1 face lift bottom hose

CPU 2.OL Petrol - very limited stocks of new hoses, we keep S/H hoses, both top & bottom.

(Due to be re-made, fund & demand permitting).

Radiators (All Supplied on a Deposit Exchange Scheme)

Identification — As you are looking into the engine bay.CF1 2.3, 1.8P Radiator, top left top hose, bottom right bottom hose — available standard or heavy duty 1969-1980/1.CF1 face lilt (still as above) 1981-1984 overflow pipe

CFII 2.OL Petrol 1984-1988 — both metal or plastic types available, top right to hose, bottom left bottom hose.Do check as “odd” variations exist. Some S/H available, but if you have an overheating problem but no leaks we insist on a new/reconditioned unit only.Quick Tip

Iif overheating but no leak it will be partially blocked by sediment or rad seal cement. Remove radiator, steam clean & flush (I mean steam clean not cold water) then look at the centre core i.e. the main bit. If when hot the core dries, it’s not blocked, if wet it’s cold and not flowing with steam. If more than 20% is blocked this will lead to overheating and erratic movement of the gauge.Temp Sender

CF1 1969-1981 (early clocks i.e. pull on light switch) fat sender, blade terminal

CF1 face lift temp sender, rocker light switch, bullet connector, green plastic collar

1981-1984, small sender.

Fuel Supply System

Van fuel tank CF1 1969-1979 Glass bowl union connector

Pick up tank petrol pump AC Delco

Tank straps for the above now remade in CF1 1979-1984 late type sealed for life,

stainless steel front & rear non-repairable, push on pipe connector

Tank sender unit 1969-1980, blade terminal petrol pump

die-cast body (pull on light switch) Gasket and spacer block

Gasket for above Repair kit for glass bowl type

CF1 Face lift bullet connector 1981-1984

(rocker light switch)

Weber Carb

34 ICT CF1 All models 1969-1934 2.3

lV36Zcnith2.3 and some 1.8 1969-1974

Repair kit for both types

Fitting manifold gasket

Butterfly spring

Fuel shut off solenoid Weber 34 ICT

Choke Cable CFI

Various small parts for Weber stocked, float~

power diaphragm etc.

CFll fuel return type 34 lCT 1984-1988

BooksHaynes Workshop CF 11969-1976

CF1 +11 1969-1987

Autobook 1969-1976 inc. Perkins 4108 Diesel

Various diesel engine reprints for Opel 2.1/2.3 taken from the original factory manuals, supplied in a folder

Door Handles Metal Chrome

CF1 Early

CF 1 Mid period

CF1 & facelift CFl Black

Key & barrel for above

CFII plastic door handle S/H only

Rear van door handle both early & late

Early CFI ignition switch + key & barrel

CF1 Front Bumpers

Plain painted

Chrome new & S/H

Chrome coach bolts

Brackets for front & rear

Late CF 1 chrome rear bumpers

CFII plastic rear bumpers & brackets

Diesel Engine

There were 2 types of diesel fitted, the 1.8L Perkins 4108, then in 1976 GM’s own Opel diesel, starting at 2.OL, 2.1 then 2.3 engine size. Most diesel engines are complex, needing specialised knowledge and test tools. Parts are very expensive and from limited suppliers. So be sure you want to re-build!Liftpump 4108

Lift pump Opel 2.1/2.3

Heater Plugs

Core plugs

Reconditioned injectors (outright)

Gasket sets

Drive belts for booster pump

Water pumps

Spiot bushes

Alternator support brackets

Various reclaimed engine parts i.e. timing gears

Camshaft kits (pattern only) 2.3 EiL S/H injector pumps

late fuel shut off solenoid

Rockers, shafts

Vacuum booster pumps

Viscous couplings

Oil pump gears

Injector rail pipe set

Normally most people buy a S/H running engine with matching injector pump, which we try to stock at all times.

Perkins 4108

The four cylinder Perkins engine was produced in great numbers until the mid 1970’s. Parts are available, usually as exchange items.A customer from Thome, Doncaster, kindly donated 2 scrap engines for us to dispose of.

The main problem was cracked cylinder heads.

Often engines are pushed on to us, taken out so long ago that people have forgotten why! So consequently are no go, the more they push the more suspicious we are.

So for the record we have available, all used:

1 x Top Rocker Shaft

1 x Excellent Crank - tested at the local main engine shop

I x Crank to Re-grind*

2 x Timing Gear Wheels

1 x Top Roof Rail Set-up and Rockers

2 x Water Pumps*

2 x Oil Pumps both tested

1 x Top Rocker Shaft Assembly

2 x Injector Pumps*

8xlnjectors S/H*

2 x Cracked Cylinder Heads

* = Suitable as donor stock

We stock brand new both 2 and 4 bolt lift pumps, gasket sets and single igniters for the inlet manifold.