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Adrian Bailey Classics









Here we reproduce a couple of articles about these endearing favourites of the British Public, along with links to a couple of useful places, not least of which is our own EBay shop.

Please don’t forget that we welcome enquiries from our fellow enthusiasts on any subject, so get in touch, as outlined on the Contact Us page.

EBay Shop

An unrepeatable opportunity, we are delighted to have acquired most of a leading collectors stock of early Bedford CA 1952-1957 spares.

All new old stock of either original Vauxhall Bedford or Delco, Lucas, Smiths, SKF Top notch stuff!

This collection took over 30 years to amass, so never will this type of "hoard" come to light again, for in 2007, it just isn't there anymore.

A "time-warp" of filing cabinets, full of electrical switches, oil filters, motors, handbrake cables, hub bearings, oil seals, gearbox parts, new stub axles, trunions, king pins, Lockheed wheel cylinders, shoes, linings; chrome front panel name badges, some lamps. Many many small, "impossible to find" parts, gear change levers, grommets, bump stops. Rubber window surrounds. Loads of brand new glass, windscreens etc. Radiator caps, clocks, virtually every spare you are likely to need, front exhaust pipes and gaskets included.

The "Big" stuff:

Complete front subframes, hubs, back axles, gearboxes, cylinder heads. There are NO engines, they were all scrapped as "unknowns" we only sell the correct and best.

So, don't waste this time, even if you don't need it now, keep it as a spare for when you do!

Many body panels have already found new owners, but we still have some OSF doors, 2 new middle range front panels, and 2 pairs of back doors. One pair of inner rear wheel arches, a couple of rear valences. NSF outer wheel arch.

We have engine covers, some front wings, and lower shuttle panels. New floor pans, bulkhead sections and the last few NEW front bumpers, as well as numerous minor body panels still to be identified.

This source has yielded some very rare items still more to go, so if you own a 1950-61 model, do give us a call with your requirements.

Loads of handbrake cables, clutches, new panels, and small rubber items, just ask ;-)

Once commonplace but now rare we are PROUD to offer a brand new 1800cc slant short motor, ex main dealer. As you know, we stock all parts for next day dispatch

We are happy to announce the reduction in price of the CF2 rear flexihose complete with brass connector.

We try our best for you in maintaining fair prices with an excellent service second to none.


Don't panic! we can help, give us a call! We'll give tips in removal posting to us, and we'll solve your problems, MOST LOCKS CAN BE SAVED.

Oh, we're thinking of making another batch of chrome hubcaps CF1 (late CA) If you are interested in ordering a set at £80 please give us a call, we need to know what the level of demand is or else we won't proceed, we do have some second hand stock, but it's not as nice!